‘We Cannot Be Silent with Phil Restino and Larry Pinkney’ with guest Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (1st hour), broadcast on wolfspiritradio.com on November 19, 2014 (YouTube version at bottom.) Includes callers:

Hour 1 topics: police state, absence of accountability, Clinton regime, George W. Bush, torture is a felony, illegal actions, lack of due process of law, spying is a felony, indefinite detention, civil liberties,  one vs two parties, union dues vs Wall Street funding, movements vs frontmen for interest groups, producing leaders, Black Panthers, kill lists, co-opting, leaderless universities, Cynthia McKinney, income and wealth distribution, dismantled opportunity ladders, off-shoring of jobs, student debt, building awareness, outside events, American puppets, Washington as bully, demonizing countries and people, Washington’s demand to conform, USS Donald Cook, putting the government on the spot, police justification, disarming the police, investigative agency vs criminal gang, police vs criminal threat, Ferguson, impeachment, weak Congress, setting precedents, and more.

Hour 2 topics: false flags, call for impeachment, lack of caring for accountability, working to survive, the dumbing down of America, giving up people power, yin and yang, producing vs consuming, industrial hemp, producing vs serving, Pine Ridge, and more.



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