Larry Pinkney wrote the Foreword to Cindy Sheehan’s November 17, 2014 announced book ‘The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award Winning War Criminal.’

The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award Winning War Criminal
by Cindy Sheehan
with Foreword by Larry Pinkney
Cover Art by Anthony Freda

Description of the book:

Sheehan’s prophetic writings about the trajectory of the Obama presidency have been collected in this book which is an historical document about the downslide of the US antiwar movement and the profound similarities of the two corporate political parties here in the US.

Cindy Sheehan has never given up and believes that the only way to bring peace, prosperity, safety and a healthy environment is by people here in the US breaking their chains to political partisanship and working together to overthrow the existing paradigm.

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