Larry Pinkney was a guest on The Ochelli Effect radio show with host Chuck Ochelli on February 23, 2018.

Excerpt of The Ochelli Effect description of the show:

Original Black Panther, Former Political Prisoner, activist, author, poet, and Speaker of Truth Larry Pinkney returns to The Ochelli Effect to lay it down with us again. In this Friday evening  discussion Larry and Chuck address The New “Black Panther” Movie, The New “Black Panther” Party, and the reality of respect that is deserved by The Real Black Panther Party. The Love of The American Ideal, In the face of a history stained in blood. Who puts themselves in harms way? What is the reality of struggle? Pain is pain, and it is never a contest to see who has suffered best. We are not designed to agree with one another, but we do live on the same planet and the potential for victory over those who seem to only exist for the sake of keeping those that believe they are powerless in that position.  The Revolution may never be televised, but Evolution must be realized. A quick lesson on Slavery and empire is also included, but this is not the focus, Nor is the fake Left of today, but many things are covered in this unscripted real conversation between to men of two different generations with the same desire … To see ALL Power reside with ALL THE PEOPLE…



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