‘We Cannot Be Silent with Phil Restino and Larry Pinkney’ with guest Joyce Riley of the Power Hour radio show, broadcast on wolfspiritradio.com on December 29, 2014 (YouTube version below.) Includes callers.

Topics: Freedom vs loss of freedom, telling the truth, whistleblowers, Genene Jones, cost of taking a stand, expedient vs right, inspire vs motivate, supporting truth networks, Gulf War illness, experimental vaccines, depleted uranium, The Power Hour, Art Bell, George Noory, American Gulf War Veterans Association, DOD, VA, ‘Gulf War Illness — Fact or Fiction?,’ STDs, ‘In Plane Sight,’ American Legion, Agent Orange, gulfwarvets.com, Hall of Shame, C-130 flight nurse, Michigan college presentation, ‘Beyond Treason,’ AirAsia, COINTELPRO, MLK, Dr. Stan Monteith, left-right divide, two-party system, running for office, perpetrating fraud, ‘Larry Pinkney- A Prison Experience,’ Nurses Against NAFTA, Ross Perot, having a voice, metastesized cancer, and more.


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