Larry Pinkney, as Guest Host for The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, a three-hour nationally syndicated radio broadcast, interviewed Daniela Walls and Robert McKay on January 15, 2015. In keeping with The Power Hour format, Larry Pinkney highlighted news in the first hour and accepted callers in the third hour.

Hour 1 (listen) News read by Guest Host Larry Pinkney
Hour 2 (listen) Larry Pinkney interviews Daniela Walls and Robert McKay
Hour 3 (listen) Guests, Guest Host, and Callers

Hour 2 Guest Topics:

Reverend Edward Pinkney, Tax Wall Street Party, United Front Against Austerity, Benton Harbor, Michigan, public-private partnerships, Ferguson, Berrien County, recall petitions, voter fraud, Marquette Branch Prison, Upper Peninsula, economic rights, gentrification, ethnic cleansing, Whirlpool, billionaires, emergency manager law, land grab, imminent domain, Patriot Act, fracking, water resources, NAACP, human rights, and more.

Hour 3 Caller and Guest Topics:

Freedom, serfs, corporate fascists, globalists, free trade, New Mexico, Rev. Pinkney: major political prisoner, corporate welfare, Webster Tarpley, grand juries, petition for redress of grievances, getting involved vs being a spectator, abortion issue, social programs, reforming vs conforming, and more.

The Power Hour with Joyce Riley description of the show:

Guest hosting today will be a TPH favorite, LARRY PINKNEY.

DANIELA WALLS & ROBERT McKAY of the FREE REV. EDWARD PINKNEY campaign will be joining Larry in the 2nd hour.
Article: Rev. Edward Pinkney Imprisoned for Fighting the Whirlpool Corporation


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