The SEATTLE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, SEATTLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW, Volume 39, Summer 2016, Number 4, has published the following information pertaining to Black Panther Party veteran, Larry Pinkney, and his successfully self-authored case to the United Nations, in a scholarly published writing re the Black Panther Party (BPP) titled, The Incongruous Intersection of the Black Panther Party and the Ku Klux Klan, by Angela A. Allen Bell:

1. See law professor Angela A. Allen-Bell’s specific acknowledgements, which include Larry Pinkney, on the first page in the INTRODUCTION (page 1157).

2. Paragraph 3, on page 1167 states, “Being intellectually astute is a trait that many BPP members had upon their affiliation. If they did not have it then, getting it was an expectation. Founding member Huey Newton had a doctorate degree,72 “Many [members] were voracious readers who reinvented themselves through books, often while in prison.”73 One BPP member, Larry Pinkney, successfully self-authored a case to the United Nations.74 […]”

3. Footnote #74, on pages 1167 and 1168 states, “See RALPH CRANSHAW & LEIF HOLMSTROM, ESSENTIAL CASES ON HUMAN RIGHTS FOR THE POLICE 290-91 (2006) (discussing Larry James Pinkney v. Canada, which was authored while BPP member Larry Pinkney was incarcerated); see also Canada Guilty of Violating Rights, THE STAR-PHOENIX, Dec. 15, 1981, at A2.”



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