Larry Pinkney commented on Black Agenda Report Glen Ford’s January 22, 2014 article entitled ‘Black Madness Under Obama: African Americans More Pro-NSA, Anti-Snowden Than Whites and Hispanics’ on January 23, 2014.

Larry Pinkney’s comment:

Larry Pinkney – 01/23/2014 – 14:20
Glen Ford is absolutely correct as to the “madness” on the part of a huge portion of Black America, under the insidious misleadership of Barack Obama and his minions. I am reminded of the immortal words of the late Frantz Fanon, who decades ago, warned about the ‘cognitive dissonance’ of those who choose denial over principles.

Back in 2009, in a succinct article titled, To Be Black & Head of the U.S. Empire: A Contradiction in Terms, [] the then increasing hypocrisy, double standards, and madness of so many so-called “progressives,” including an inordinate amount of Black Americans, in their unprincipled support for Barack Obama, was also specifically alluded to.

Obviously, this state of affairs is unacceptable and unless it is reversed I fear that a large portion of Black America may go down in historical infamy. We’ve much work to do.

Larry Pinkney, Black Activist Writers Guild
Associate Editor, Intrepid Report



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