Larry Pinkney’s landmark United Nations ruling victory (self authored) was cited in the book entitled ‘International Protection of Minorities’ edited by Satish Chandra (Foreword by Dr. Nagendra Singh), published by Mittal Publications (India), ©Satish Chandra, 1986, on Page 74 and 77 (Note) of Chapter 2 titled ‘Equality and Preferential Discrimination with Minorities’ by Satish Chandra.


Final Observations


Page 74


The Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its Optional Protocol thereto contain procedures of implementation more or less similar to those provided for in other instruments of human rights. It is a landmark achievement that the Human Rights Committee has decided many complaints15 violating the social, linguistic rights and advised to take remedial steps.


Page 77 (Note)
15. Erkki Juhani Hastikainen and Others vs Finland, Communication No. R. 9/40, dated 30 September 1978, decided on 4 April, 1981.
Larry James Pinkney vs Canada, Communication No. R 7/27 dated 25 November, 1977, decided on 29 October, 1981.



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