Larry Pinkney’s landmark 1981 United Nations ruling victory (self-authored) was cited in Building Human Rights Into Practice: A Training Manual on International Human Rights Law, The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, London, UK, February 2012, Chapter VI: Human Rights Standards and Security, Section 5: Evidence collection, surveillance, investigation techniques and the right to respect for private life.

Excerpt from Page 177 of the PDF:


24. Prisoners have the right to correspond in confidence with their legal advisers and/or the courts.558 This may mean that the authorities have to positively facilitate legal correspondence, such as by providing stamps.559 […]

558 This point has been reaffirmed in a number of cases, from Golder v UK to Ocalan v Turkey. The HRC have also affirmed this in Pinkney v Canada See also Angel Estrella v Uruguay
559 Gagiu v Romania



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