Larry Pinkney’s landmark United Nations ruling victory (self-authored case) was cited in the book ‘Due Process and International Terrorism’ by Roza Pati, published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (The Netherlands), 2009, Chapter II – Criminal Due Process Guarantees in Peacetime: The International Legal Regime, Section c. Due Process in Appeal, Pages 70-71:

For the right to appeal to be effectively available it is also needed that the courts give reasoned judgements in a timely fashion,237 and that the transcripts of the trial be produced without undue delay.238
238 In the case of Pinkney v. Canada, the HRC found a violation of the provision on the grounds of a delay of 34 months for the author’s leave to appeal to be heard, because of delay in producing transcripts of the trial. See Communication No. R.7/27, L. J. Pinkney v. Canada, Views adopted on 29 October 1981, U.N. GAOR, Doc. A/37/40, at 113, para. 35, read in conjunction with para. 10 at 103,.



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