Published in on May 19, 2008
Published in the July 2008 Election Supplement of The Organizer, San Francisco, CA (PDF)


For far too long Black America has been at the mercy of political pimps and usurpers, particularly of the Democratic Party. It is now the year 2008, and we in Black America, in conjunction with our Brown, Red, Yellow, and White sisters and brothers have a genuine and serious choice in order to build a true people’s movement for real systemic change through the “Power to the People” campaign inspired by former U.S. Congresswoman Sister Cynthia McKinney.

Cynthia Mckinney has demonstrated that she wants, and is fighting for, real, systemic change; which is the only change that will address the health care, employment, judicial, and environmental needs of all people.


Sister Cynthia is not a corporately sponsored clone like John McCain, Barack, or Hillary Clinton. She is The Real People’s Candidate. Cynthia knows that her campaign is about building the opportunity for a different America; an America that supports and believes in itself and the peoples of the world in a very real sense.

For Sister Cynthia’s campaign to be able to lay the serious organizational foundation that is sorely needed by us all takes money — your money. The nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars that allow this beautiful and powerful sister to go around this nation with her/OUR message — that we do not have to be, and refuse to be, hostages to what Brother Malcolm X correctly referred to as the “foxes and the wolves” of the Democratic and Republican Parties [i.e. the Republicrats].

Every bit of physical and mental energy as well as every single cent from all of us is needed in this struggle. Cynthia, unlike the candidates of the Democratic and Republican Parties is NOT corporately backed. This means that WE THE PEOPLE must step up to the plate and support her campaign and in so doing —support ourselves!

Sister Cynthia McKinney is the ONLY one who seriously and fundamentally addresses our issues — the concerns of Black America: self-determination, reparations, judicial equality, police brutality, COINTELPRO, political prisoners, employment, decent housing, environmental justice, educational parity, and the absolute end to unjust U.S. wars at home and abroad.

Sister Cynthia McKinney must be Supported NOW! At stake is literally EVERYTHING. Time to give our dollars to Cynthia’s ‘Power To The People’ Campaign; for it is we the people’s — OUR CAMPAIGN. Do it now my brothers and sisters. Do it Now!

Sister Cynthia McKinney speaks truth to power! She is one of US. She does not pretend that the legacy of slavery is in the past. She makes it clear that jobs, justice, and equality are more important than ever before. She is bold about the fact that Black Liberation is a very important and serious ongoing struggle in the United States of America.

By supporting Cynthia, we support ourselves and our own humanity. We must do this and we must urge our sisters and brother to send every dollar, dime, nickel, and penny to support ourselves — to support the Cynthia McKinney campaign for President. Remember that “the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step”!



Open Letter Initiated by:

Larry Pinkney
Editorial Board Member & Columnist
The Black Commentator &
Founder / Director
Black Activist Writers Guild
Email: Lecconsult[at]aol[dot]com

Colia L. Clark
Reconstruction Party Organizing Committee
Richard Wright Centennial 2008-2010
Email: ColiaClark[at]aol[dot]com

Kali Akuno
Reconstruction Party Activist
Former Executive Director, Peoples’ Hurricane Relief Fund
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
Email: kaliakuno[at]gmail[dot]com

* * * * *

Initial List of Signatories of Open Letter

(*) denotes organization/title listed for id. purposes only

Monica Moorehead (*)
Millions for Mumia/International Action Center
New York City, New York

Yuri Kochiyama
Veteran social justice activist, comrade of Malcolm X
Oakland, California

Glen Ford
Executive Editor

Wilson Riles, Jr.
Former Oakland City Council member
Oakland, California

Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at
Former National Co-Chair,
National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA)
Oakland, California

Jared Ball
Mixtape Journalist with FreeMix Radio (
Asst. Professor of Communication Studies at Morgan State University
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
Green Party and Reconstruction Party Supporter
Host of Jazz and Justice on WPFW 89.3 FM
Washington, DC

Howard Williamson
Member, Teamsters National Black Caucus,
Past Chairman, Portland, Oregon NAACP Labor and Industry Committee
Portland, Oregon

Pam Africa
International Concerned Family and Friends
of Mumia Abu Jamal
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lenore Jean Daniels, Ph.D
Editorial Board Member and Columnist Black Commentator
and Columnist, City Capital Hues
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Netfa Freeman
DC Pan-African and Internationalist Activists
Washington, DC

Sundiata Sadiq
Past President, Ossining NAACP
Life member NAACP
Ossining, New York

Gwendolyn Debrow
Co-Chair, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coaltion
New York City, New York

Betty Davis
New Abolitionist Movement

Eddie Perez
Chicano Community Activist, Educator,
and former Brown Beret
San Diego, California

Leona Heitsch
Bourbon, Missouri

Donald H. Smith, Ph.D. (*)
Founder, Center for Inner City Studies, Chicago
Founder, New York Alliance of Black School Educators

Dr. Nancy J. Dawson
Independent Researcher and Scholar
Russelleville, Kentucky

Wallace Nixon
writer, Black political activist, free-lance English teacher
Mexico City, Mexico

Connie White
Political Analyst &
Organizer of the 2000 African Tribunal
in Compton, California
Long Beach, California

Patricia Hill (*)
Executive Director
African American Police League,
Chicago, Illinois

Rick Tingling-Clemmons
Rick, Ward 7 representative to DC Statehood Green Party, Washington, DC;
National  Representative, Black Caucus,
Advisory Neighborhood Commission representative (elected official)
Washington, DC

Michele Tingling-Clemmons
member, DC Statehood Green Party,
Washington, DC

Terence Courtney
Atlanta, Georgia

Rip Mason
Homeless youth counselor and street organizer
Seattle, Washington

Joan Berniard
Co-Founder and Treasurer
Lagniappe Caravan – Common Ground
Seattle, Washington

Ralph Poynter
New Abolitionist Movement
Brooklyn, New York

Akinyele Sadiq
Musician, teacher, activist
Founder-Director of Troublemakers Union (band)
San Francisco, California

Richard Brown
Defendant, San Francisco 8; Elder
San Francisco, California

Dedon Kamathi
Broadcast journalist, activist
Long Beach, California

Mesha Monge-Irizarry
Director, Idriss Stelley Foundation
Education Not Incarceration, SF Chapter
San Francisco, California

Amber Garlan
Secretary of the St. Paul Green Party
Minnesotans for Cynthia McKinney

Bill Quigley
Human Rights Lawyer & Professor of Law
New Orleans, Louisiana

David P. Bremenstuhl
retired Educator/Civil Rights nd Peace Activist
(named “Laureate in Education” by
International Biographical Centre @
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)

Jorge Mujica (*)
Coordinator, March 10 Movement
(conveners of immigrant movement marches
in Chicago); columnist, community activist
Chicago, Illinois

Larry Adams
Postal Workers Against the War

Carlos Muhammad
Luv4self Network

Richard A. Koritz
Publisher, Open Hand Publishing LLC
Greensboro, North Carolina

Marcus Bellamy
Activist, MC of hip-hop group Treble Army
Caracas, Venezuela

Lisa V. Davis
Community activist
New York, New York

Edward R. Mortimer
Citizen Activist
Danielson, Connecticut

Nkosi DuBois Anderson
Educator/ Activist
South Orange, NJ


3 Responses to An open letter RE Cynthia McKinney to our politically conscious Sisters and Brothers of Black America

  1. Sidy Mohamed Gueye says:

    I love what she has been doing. And I’m supporting her wholeheartedly for her presidential aspirations.

  2. Bette D. Walker says:

    From the heart of the hearts I do support Congresswoman Chynthia and give my voice 100/%

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