Published in IRISH INNER CIRCLE newsletter an affiliate of AIRA
(American Irish Republican Army)
January 20, 1976

The American Scene
Dedicated to those... "In the back...of Beyond."

Sail On

by Alice Connally Fisk

It's not 'patriot' politicians
who sift bodies from debris,
neither those who rule from Dublin
nor who lobby in D.C.
It isn't they who go without
in 'Bandit Country' while
our back...beyond...
bear deprivations vile.

...Gaining ground for 'Federal Ireland'
takes a lorryload of jack
and depriving our defenders
to push theory is a sack.
And as it comes down to the wire
the 'Plan', not men, must yield:
Let the bread to push the high-flown
once again be ... for the field.

For it's not the politician
pushing 'plans' down people's throat
being blown to bits and bludgeoned
keeping freedom's fight afloat.
And it's not the opportunist
pushing "Athlone" at some fete
who's distressed, half-mad with suffering --
'Plans' cost money. So does meat.

No, 'tis not the politician
who is wanting, cold, bereft.
OUR support's for all necessities...
the "Plan" can have what's left.
And as it is Our Own up north
who bury... and who bleed,
'tis our Columns brave, so brutalized
and not the South, must LEAD.

So sail on, our staunch defenders -
know there ARE no higher stakes
than to smash those foreign shackles
to be Free...what e'er it takes.
Truest Oglaigh na hEireann
lift up high that Provo plough.
Let not Freedom be Light Years away --
Secure our Freedom ... NOW.

Copyright 1976 Alice Connally Fisk

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